The BIM Manager tools enable a user to manage their content. The tool set includes best seller, BIM Query, which is an advanced spreadsheet parameter editor for Revit instances and types. This set of tools gives you opportunity to check your model and assure quality of your projects. This tool set can analyze selected geometry and store calculated values in shared parameter.
New set of tools to manage reinforcement visibility in 3D views. Annotation tools include text alignment and automated legend creation. Users can generate a graphical legend of various elements in just a few steps with Legend by Category tool. This tool set includes tools for creating floors based on selected rooms and tools for easier grid name editing.
This tool set includes view manipulation tools like setting a cropped region based on selected elements, resizing a section box for 3D views according to different settings a tool for automatic creation of assembly views. This tool set includes advanced selection tools where you can select elements based on different criteria (e.g. Levels, Categories, Phases ...) Series of tools Content Admin Kit are newly developed part of CGS Revit Tools. Tools offers an advanced managing of the parameters in families and projects.

With offices in Kansas City, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Brisbane and London, Populous is an award-winning firm that offers a wide range of design and consulting services, everything from architectural and interior design to master planning, event overlay and sustainable design and a host of other services – all with a focus on creating emotional connections between people and places. >>>
"CGS add-in tools for Revit provides us with the tools we need to be leaders in the marketplace. They continually develop their tools to allow the end user gain a much higher level of efficiency."
"Having Revit Tools has been a great benefit to us. Moreover, they are intuitive, they don't require any training to use. I would like to point out Multi Join which enables you to join multiple instances at once hence saves a lot of time."
    Name: Pham Thanh - MBA & B.Arch
    Position: Vice design studio manager
    Company: Constrexim Investment and Design consultance join stock company
    Location: Hanoi-Vietnam
"CGS add-in tools for Revit provides us with the tools we need to be leaders in the marketplace. They continually develop their tools to allow the end user gain a much higher level of efficiency."

Purchase options:

  • Standalone, 1 seat - 195 USD
  • Enterprise, up to 10 seats - 595 USD
  • Enterprise, up to 50 seats - 1.195 USD

  • References:

    Ardent Architects,
    FLOTH, Sustainable building consultants, Australia BCRA, Washington, USA
    Blueprint designs,
    Luscher Hirschmuller Architektur, Switzerland

    MarmonMok Architecture,
    Texas, USA
    Advanced Structural Design, Inc.,
    Florida, USA
    Sarel Architecure,
    Ivo Petrov Architects,
    Hauck Hausbau GmBH,
    Garcia, Garcia S.A.
    Trimo Cleangrad
    REM Jereb & Budja Architect
    Intra Lighting ARMAT Ržišnik Perc Architects IBE Ravnikar Potokar Architects Košorok Gartner

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