This tool set includes view manipulation tools like setting a cropped region based on selected elements, resizing a section box for 3D views according to different settings a tool for automatic creation of assembly views.

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Zoom To
This tool enables you Zoom to selected elements or to rooms/spaces in the current or linked project.


Room Views
Displays a dialog to create a new view(plan, 3D, elevation) and define view names. This tool creates specified views for each selected room, where plan and ceiling views appear as dependent views and the 3D and elevation views appear as new views in the project browser.
  • Room Views
  • Resize Section Box
    This tool enables users to resize a section box via a user input in dialog box. User can resize box in all directions to get a better look at details. We’ve added a new option to resize section box to the chosen Room or Level.
  • Resize Section Box

  • Quick On/Off toggles
    Quick toggles enables you to switch certain Categories on or off in active view (e.g. turn off dimensions in active view).

  • Category Toggle-Quick
  • Toggle
    The Category Toggle tool enables the user to switch ON and OFF any category in a project (Architecture, Mechanical, Annotation…). A dialogue box offers the ability to select the category then choose to display or hide it in various views. With Category Toggle there is no need to use the Visibility/Graphics dialogue box.

  • Category Toggle
  • Crop Region
    Users can now edit a Crop Region to the current view. This can be created by giving the exact dimension of the crop region or by inputting the offset distance from the selected elements.
    The Match Crop Region tool is particularly useful, as the users can match dimensions and positions of a Crop Region from the selected to the current view.
  • Crop Region, Align Viewport on Sheet

  • Sheet
    Sheet editing tools.

    Duplicate Sheet (NEW in 2016)
    - This tool enables user to duplicate active sheet. User can choose whether to duplicate views that are placed on active sheet.

    View/Sheet Manager
    - With the Sheet Manager tool, users are able to edit the sheet names, numbers, view…. Parameters can be grouped and filtered as needed to enable a better overview of data on the sheets.

    Align Viewport on sheet - 
    Displays a dialog to position a selected view on a sheet by choosing a side and an offset.
  • View/Sheet Manager
  • Sheet manager
  • Duplicate Sheet
  • View Depth Override
    Changes element color depending on the distance to the view plane..

  • View Depth Override

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