Software solutions for transportation, infrastructure and AEC

CGS plus is a leading developer of software in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, and AEC.

We provide design professionals with high-end Infrastructure design solutions for Road design (Plateia, Autopath, Autosign), Railway design (Ferrovia), River engineering design (Aquaterra, Aquaflood) and Power line design (Electra), CGS Civil 3D Tools , solutions in AEC (CGS Revit Tools) and also with custom CAD and BIM software.

Swept path analysis software of choice for civil engineers, architects, transportation engineers, ...
Professional software for adding traffic, signs, road markings, ghost islands, traffic sign gantry and other traffic details to you CAD/BIM/DWG design
CGS Civil 3D Tools
Productivity tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D
CGS Revit Tools
Productivity tools for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP

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